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Dew Control is designed to prevent or reduce the formation of dew on the grass leaf. The formulation contains specifically selected sticking and spreading surfactants that bond to the leaf surface and prevent moisture droplets from forming. Dew Control is ideal to help minimise the risk of disease outbreaks and improve turf health and quality.


As Dew Control provides a 'coating' on the leaf blades, it is suggested that it is applied at least 4 hours after your regular foliar product applications. Foliar applications of regular turfcare products are not as effective in the 2-4 weeks after Dew Control is applied due to the coating on the leaf. Suggested period of use - April to August or when Dew is present.


Application rate: 100mL/100m2

Longevity: 2-4 weeks*

Pack size: 1L

* Longevity depends on turf growth as Dew Control works as a coating. If turf is actively growing, you would be mowing the coating off and there would be a need to reapply more often as a result. If turf is growing quickly, it is suggested that Dew Control may need to be applied more often (fortnightly). However, in winter or slow growth periods, Dew Control can be applied every 4 weeks.