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Reel Solutions was founded in 2019. We aim to provide high quality turf and reel mower equipment to Australians. Whether you are a Lawn Care Nut or a Scott Bonnar enthusiast, we're going to have something to help you with your lawn.


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"G’day guys, I just want to thank you for my new re-facing tool. It arrived today & I had it in use within the hour. For the last 30-odd yrs I’ve always used a small file to re-face the bottom blades on our 30” Queens & an array of Scott Bonnars. This little tool makes life so much easier & does a great job. You’re just guaranteed to get that crucial perpendicular angle. All up it took me 2-3mins, the onto a backlapper". - Darren

"Hi , I recently purchased a grooved (Wiehle) roller for my mower . All I wish to say is thanks! What a cut on my couch lawn , amazing finish . Despite water restrictions in place - my lawn has never looked so good...thanks " - John M