Sprayer Nozzle Upgrade Kits

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Upgrade your sprayer nozzles to the Teejet system.
You can choose to either upgrade to the nozzle kit only (flat fan and air induction) or you can upgrade to the Teejet quick-cap system.

Nozzle Kit includes:

  • Flat fan nozzle (rated ‘excellent’ for use with contact herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Ideal for foliar applications of iron and liquid fertilisers)
  • Air Induction nozzle (rated ‘excellent’ for use with systemic herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Ideal for soil applications)


Teejet Quick Cap Kit includes the above nozzles and:

  • Teejet quick caps and gaskets. Designed to make the swapping of nozzles more efficient.
  • Teejet nozzle bodies and anti-drip check valve strainers to protect tips from clogging and damage.
  • All adapters

    Note - this quick cap kit will fit any battery sprayer with 3/8 male thread on the end of the wand. The yellow (02) nozzles put out half the volume of water in comparison to the red (04) nozzles. These are best suited to a boom sprayer or applications that require a low volume of water.