Bushranger Grooved (Wiehle) Roller

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Aluminium grooved roller to suit Bushranger 410/510 cylinder mowers. Listing includes 70mm grooved roller, stainless steel shaft, stainless spacers and fixings. 

A Wiehle roller gives a more aggressive cut and it best suited to low-cut lawns and couch varieties while actively growing. These rollers ensure a more accurate height of cut because not every blade of grass is being rolled over. This means that it can also reduce thatch.

Solid ends have been machined so that imperfections are not left when going around corners or when performing tight turns. These solid ends do not compromise the cut as they are positioned directly in front of the reel bearing carriers and not the reel itself.

We recommend using a Wiehle roller in Spring and Summer while the turf is actively growing. Then, change back to one of our solid rollers for Autumn and Winter.

Made in Australia 🇦🇺