Grooming/Verticutting Reel for Predator LS460 Scarifier (Stainless Steel)

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Grooming Reel - 31 blades @ 12mm

Verti-cuter Reel - 12 blades @ 40mm spacing

Made from Stainless steel, this reel provides users with the flexibility to covert their Predator LS460 Scarifier to both a Groomer and Verticutter. 
included in this kit are extra spacings so that you can remove a number of the grooming blades to set the reel up as a Verticutter. The saw-style blades leave a minimal footprint on fine cut turf, reducing injury and also recovery times post renovation. 

This aftermarket reel is also oversized, allowing it to get into the soil for tasks such as sprigging (removing both stolons and rhizomes). 

Grooming will effectively control thatch and allow for a much drier canopy, which results in more resilient turf. Further, grooming can increase sustainability and cultural inputs by reducing scalping, along with the need to reset your height of cut.