ICL H2Pro FlowSmart

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H2Pro® FlowSmart reduces surface tension on all types of turf to provide excellent water infiltration and penetration. Combining new surfactant technology as a carefully blended combination of polymer and penetrants, FlowSmart is retained around the root, ensuring continued re-wetting and effective and efficient water penetration. It also helps water move into and down through the rootzone, flushing carbonates and salts away from rootzones. Research shows using FlowSmart helps retain a drier turf surface under wet conditions.



  • Helps surface water penetrate quickly

  • Maintain dry playing surfaces in wet conditions year-round

  • Maximizes the effectiveness of irrigation treatments

  • Assists with the flushing of carbonates and salts from root zones

  • Can be used as part of an integrated disease reduction plan


Application Rate

100mL/100m2 monthly in 3-6L of water