ICL Sierrablen Plus Renovator

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This Mini prill fertiliser ensures optimum nutrient distribution and fast dispersion into the sward. It has been designed by ICL to use specifically as a Lawn Renovation fertiliser. 

  • Improved coating technology ensures a slower initial effect and excludes the risk of burning.
  • High Phosphate content promotes optimum root growth.
  • Controlled release Nitrogen ensures fast establishment and a dense sward.
  • Ideal during over-seeding period or when laying turf.
  • Controlled release nutrients minimise risk of burning to young grass.
  • High phosphate content promotes strong root growth.
  • Guaranteed extended longevity
  • Homogeneous colour and even growth
  • Smaller granules
  • 7,500 granules per m²; six times more than CRF/coated standard fertilizer
  • Disperses fast into the sward

Application rate: 3.5kg/100m2

Longevity: 3 Months