Malice Duo Miticide (1L)

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A dual-active miticide that provides both effective knockdown and residual control. Malice Duo controls knockdown at all stages of the mite life cycle for complete control of the population. 1L Malice Duo can treat up to 7100sqm.

Malice Duo Miticide is a combination insecticide providing knockdown and residual control. The clofentezine component has contact action and long residual activity.

Effective knockdown and residual activity of mite populations. Controls feeding stages of mites, whilst also controlling the egg and early mite larval stages. Provides more complete control of the population. It acts primarily by interfering with mite growth during the final stages of embryonic, and early stages of larval development.

Malice Duo Miticide is registered for the control of Couch Mite in all turf situations

Use this product with a surfactant/sticker for more effective results.