NH150 5HP Predator Engine

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This rugged little 5hp petrol engine is great for cylinder mowers, plate compactors and anywhere you need a small engine but with better performance that Honda GX120

ZS Power engines are manufactured  in Zongshen’s state of the art factory using world standard quality systems and top quality components. We know quality and durability are important and all ZS power engines have a cast iron liner and full commercial construction. ZS Power Engines carry a 2 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

Quality and durability are nothing without support. We carry spare parts and give an industry leading 2 year warranty on design, assembly and materials  to ensure you get simply the very best support, whenever you need it.

NH150 will fit a wide range of applications where you need a small petrol engine and need some extra performance. Great for Scott Bonner or other cylinder mowers

NH150 engines are available in a wide range PTO shaft designs. Please see the spec sheet for details.